State Space Grids

About GridWare

For Windows and Mac OS X.

GridWare is a versatile visualization and data manipulation tool for multivariate time series of sequential (ordinal or categorical) data. The original application was written by Alex Lamey, and is based on the work of Marc Lewis and colleagues, who devised state space grids based on dynamic systems principles. It is recommended that new users read the GridWare manual and Hollenstein (2007) before setting up data for GridWare.

There are now 3 programs that can be downloaded (from Download Page):

  1. GridWare 1.1 is the original program [GridWare Manual PDF] which has also been translated into Spanish by J. Carola Perez  STATE-SPECE-GRID_ESPAÑOL.pdf (291 downloads)
  2. GridWare 1.15(beta) is a recently revised form of the program that includes measures of entropy and transitional propensities – however, this is a beta version and there may be bugs so check results carefully. [Explanation of Entropy and Transitional Propensities Calculations]
  3. GridWare File Converter for reformatting ODF files from the Noldus Observer and for reformatting existing GridWare projects. [GridWare File Converter Manual]

All GridWare programs are written in Java and can be run on both Mac and Windows computers. We are currently seeking the funding to upgrade the program to enhance usability and add many display, measurement, and analysis features.