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GridWare 1.1 is freeware, and is copyrighted (2004) by Alex Lamey, Tom Hollenstein, Marc D. Lewis, and Isabela Granic. Any scholarly reference to this program should be to: Lamey, A., Hollenstein, T., Lewis, M.D., & Granic, I (2004). GridWare (Version 1.1). [Computer software].

In order to download GridWare, please fill in the following form, so that we can stay informed about who is using it, and how, and alert you when future releases are available. We may also invite you to post a description of your research on this site. We will not use your email address for any other purpose, nor release it to anyone.

There are now 3 programs that can be downloaded:

  1. GridWare 1.1 is the original program (**NOTE: Mac users are advised to use version 1.15a)
  2. GridWare 1.15 is a revised form of the program that includes measures of entropy and transitional propensities
  3. GridWare File Converter for reformatting ODF files from the Noldus Observer and for reformatting existing GridWare projects.

Fill up the form and download link should appear at the bottom of the page. If any problem occurs, visit forums or send email via contact page.

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Excel macros for working with TRJ files. Our team (Ellen O’Donoghue, Kate Jackson, Sammantha Goldsmith, Jordan Theriault, Effie Pereira, Jess Lougheed, and Tom Hollenstein) has created many macros over the years. Kate Jackson and Sammantha Goldsmith have compiled these and made them usable for the general public. These macros handle graphing, preparation of time series (e.g., combining psychophysiological data with observational data in TRJ format), appending TRJs into one long file, creating new variables within TRJs, correlations among state variables within TRJs, file naming, and conversion from Noldus Observer’s XML format to TRJ.

These are all contained in one zipped file (newest version October 22, 2015): (1411 downloads)

Please contact with any problems downloading or using these macros.